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Reality is for People who Lack Imagination

The Canteen Matters, Dammit!

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Luna Tiger
31 January 1983
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made by darklightshades

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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT LT (so you aren't surprised later):
She is an obsessive compulsive.

She is a procrastinator, a whiner, and a panicker.

She is not quite sane, and can pinpoint what made her that way.

Overall, she is considered harmless. Or mostly harmless.
And has the funny name that sounds like a month.


Why the username blackstronghold ?

"Blackshard Stronghold" was the name I used for my website at one point (after it has been "the Prism" and before it had been "Brink of Insanity" and currently "P.R.I.A."); I continue to somewhat covet the name.

So life's moved on, and this really needs clarifying.

There isn't anything here that you won't find elsewhere: soul spewing, fanfic writing, memes, icon production, plot developing, opinions, and maybe a donkey. It's a nothing-overly-special type of journal, like many others are. No specialty, no focus; a jack-of-all-trades diary, a rogue that can do many things, but not to the degree of more specialized journals.

I write for cartoons, video games, anime, and now television shows. Who doesn't? Also, I write about gay things too. Big deal? It's not like I hate yuri and hetero happenings. I don't, mind you. Please exclude me from whatever lump in you head placing all "yoaifangurlz" as women hating and penis envying idjits. I've lived too long and learned too much to be put in that bloody category.

Generally, I write on-the-fly snippets, then I shove them into my memory folders; I have a 'complete' tag for this very reason, as little is ever completed of what I produce, not in a concurrent way. The insighting folder has the majority of them and covers the fandoms I have too few entries to made a separate category for. The unique folder has plot points, or reference material, or dreams I thing deserve to be remembered. Everything else is explanatory. ...Or not:

All Creator = universal crossover set in a fantasy setting with gods, magic, and ten-or-more different races of people

Farscope Conspiracy = original idea, and possibly dismissed by now

Final Light = co-written with auroranfurashu, crossover about 8 years in the development stage *snicker* once-upon-a-time-ago. Megaman/X/Final Fantasy 7 (we made it work)

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