Luna Tiger (blackstronghold) wrote,
Luna Tiger


@_@ Let me tell you about this morning.

The day started out slightly chilly, a little blustery, generally cloudy. It was normal, given it was raining yesterday. Driving to school, I noticed the clouds were grey off in some direction. Didn't think much about it, painfully limped to my class.

And then, it started to rain. No biggy. 'Course, I didn't bring my sweatshirt, so I felt awkward about going back out there, but I didn't have to for another hour-hour and a half. But that's when the rain turned into slush...and the slush into snow.

SNOOOOOOW. In BIG HULKING CHUNKS. And it fell and it fell and it was like a BLIZZARD! Do you know what even happened?! This was still rain! Why? BECAUSE there was Thunder and Lightning!

And you know what?? There was only ONE lightning flash and one...REALLY FUCKING right-over-head LOUD ASS thunder boom!

Just ONE. Thunder...during a SNOWSTORM. That lasted a TOTAL of about an hour.

So then I walked to English. With a bit of snow still falling. I made it in a t-shirt. And so, English commenced, and I watched the snow slow...and slow...and then poof, it was done. Over with. No more.

And when I walked out of English, wouldn't you believe? Part of the sky was already blue. BLUE, people! And a couple hours later? The snow was pretty much all gone. Hell, even the bricks around the Center were dry by the time I walked down there from English.

Freakiest weather ever.

.....Totally awesome.

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